February 7, 15:00-February 21, 17:00

5 +

FEBRUARY 7 | 13 | 14 | 21

Cute friends! We continue to flip through a book about Moomin adventures and acquaint you with the stories of heroes and their amazing universe. This time we have prepared for our youngest visitors another series of master classes, where possible through animations and decorative art illustrate favorite episodes of tales.

Moomin and SNIFF CHASE MARTYŠKOJ master-class on clay animation
7 February | Sunday | 15:00

Cute mumiki! If you’ve been on our exhibition «Finn family Moomintroll», you know that the bodies of Moomin story directors animators from around the world, and the movies — more than a few dozen.
This time the Director-animator Katya Solonskaâ is calling young visitors to enliven a story funny Chase Moomin troll, and his best friend Snufkin for martyškoj. Of course, the choice of this episode does is not accidental — it is so cool to arrange a friendly «catch-up» for the main symbol of the year 2016 and capture exciting action in the short cartoon! All we need is a pack of multi-colored clay, white cardboard, video camera and a good mood!

«At the same moment top came off big blue plum and just did not please Moomin troll in the eye. Sniff cried bad voice and Moomin terribly angry and began looking for a sight of the enemy. And then he saw the devoted monkey. Small, black and very cleverly, she sat on a branch, sžavšis′ into a ball. She had a round muzzle and much lighter than everything else is quite like those of Snufkin, when he hastily erodes the dirt around the nose, and laughter is ten times more herself. »
Tove Jansson. «Moominland». Chapter 1

Moomin and SNIFF SAIL BOAT scenic master class on chalk animation
13 February | Saturday | 15:00

Director-animator Katia Solonskaâ will show young visitors the magic multiplier process: using colored chalk and black cardboard, participants will be able to send best friends Moomin troll and Snufkin in fabulous trip on a boat to fish, play cards, admire the Shining stars and floating hatifnattami.

«Moomin and Sniff sailed farther and farther east. Unaccustomed to live without the Sun, they become sad and silent. Sometimes they play cards or fished, but most simply sat and watched the passing by the shore … They met three times hattifattener, tiny creatures which in anguish and anxiety forever wander the world, nowhere to finding yourself.
Tove Jansson. «Moominland». Chapter 4

master-class on making mum-scenery
14 February | Sunday | 15:00

14 February-the Moomin family is waiting for you at the workshop on the establishment of a «storm Lantern»-the one who illuminated the sea route at night Moomin dad and served him a beacon. At the master class, a wonderful theatrical artist Olga Timofeeva, together with young visitors will draw, will strip and collect unusual lantern to this amazing subject could illuminate your House at night. But that’s not all! Inside the Lantern «settle» the silhouettes of the main characters of Norse tales that will remind you of our exhibition. How? Come and learn!

«Look at the boat,» said moominpappa. -Look at the «adventure». Boat in the night is a wonderful spectacle. Storm Lantern shines on the mast, the shore disappears behind her back, while the whole world is immersed in a dream …-that’s the way to start a new life. The night journey is more beautiful in the world.
Tove Jansson. «Moominpappa and the sea». Chapter 2

master-class on clay animation and magic
February 21 | Sunday | 15:00

Friends! Soon the Moomin family leaves the Hodgepodge and go in moominvalley, but while the exhibition is not over yet, we invite you to the final master class of plasticine, where you can peek into the magician’s hat!
Artist and slightly moominmamma Katya Solonskaâ with us build plasticine cylinder (mum-dad, of course), where all together «nakidaem» egg and pumps using the wonders of animation will turn them into a fluffy cloud. At the end of the workshop you will be able to walk away with not only a memories about the exhibition «Finn family Moomintroll», but also a short cartoon, created by their own hands.

«In the corner between the chest and the door to the kitchen, Wizard hat with egg shells. And here sotvorilos′ a miracle: eggshells began to transform. The fact of the matter is that every thing if it long enough will lie in the magician’s hat, turns into something completely different and you never know in advance what it is … Egg skorlupki it, remaining in the hat, kept the white color, but all grew and grew in size and became soft and puffy. A little later they filled the entire hat, and then out of the hat five vyporhnuli small round Tucek. They come to the veranda, gently descended from the porch and floating in the air above the land. And the magician’s hat was empty.
Tove Jansson. «Finn Family Moomintroll. Chapter 1


Duration of the master-classes of 1:00 30 min
Recommended age: children from 5 to 12 years
The cost of the master-class 500 rub.

Sign up by phone: + 7 495 6,215,572 number of seats is limited!
Young participants of master-classes-a free ticket to the exhibition
A family ticket for the master class and visiting exhibitions: two adults + child-900 rub.

All details by phone: + 7 495 6,215,572 or + 7 903 6,288,691