9 December, 20:00-10 March

Within the programme of lectures school performance PYRFYR 
20 January

Natalia Abalakov and Anatoly Zhigalov

School performance lectures PYRFYR artists TOTART will hold the history of performance, creativity of Russian performance artists of the beginning of the century and European artists live-art’a of the post-war period. The famous duo will affect performance and media perspective: gesture as a response to the challenge of the times, the body and its transformation.

Artists group TOTART Natalia Abalakov and Anatoly Zhigalov since the late 1970 ‘s are carrying out a joint project «Study the substance of Art in relation to life and art: paintings, drawings, installations, performances, video, analytical texts on contemporary art theory. The participants of the events, the drafters and editors APTART MANI. Since the early 1990 ‘s work with new media. TOTART works are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, in Russian and foreign archives, foundations and private collections.


23 December — discussion with artist Oleg Kulik
Within the framework of the performance will be held PYRFYR School Auditorium open discussion with artist Oleg Kulik

Oleg Kulik-artist, performansist, brilliant representative of Moscow actionism, party of the Venice Biennale 1997, 2001, 2003, Valencia Biennale and São Paulo, exhibitions in the Ghent Museum of modern art, the Tate Modern Gallery in London, Freud Museum in London, the Museum of modern art in Rome and in Antwerp, the Guggenheim Museum in New York and Bilbao, and many others. The most famous artist’s project is a series of «dog» stocks held by major European exhibitions. Almost all of them caused public shock and ended in arrests.
Oleg Kulik is also known for its kuratorskimi projects such as «Believe!» («Innovation Award-2007») and «and water flows beneath the ice. The Art Of North Korea. » In addition to performances and curatorial projects among his works transparent sculptures, pictures of children and nature films and scenery to operas.
Kulik works are in major private and public collections worldwide.

At the meeting the artist will tell you about the completion of their projects: animal, superhuman, humanism and the opening for the inconsistency and Paradox at the same time the notion of Matter.

16 December: ROTATION-PERVERSION-transformation: SACRED CIRCLE in the new PERFORMANCE. Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich Lecture

Night Director this time nobody will lead nowhere. On the contrary, all will remain sitting on the ground, so much so that the case will be in the evening instead of night — that’s only there is no guarantee that the remaining sit not dizzy, because talking about the rotation that magically became the main theme of the artist’s work in recent years and Director of Solyanka Fedor Pavlov-Andreevich-like Brazilian performansista and as a British curator. First was the exhibition Die Runde Tusovka Austrian group Gelitin, which was preceded by a week of rotary table and three dozen artists around him. Then in Buenos Aires, in the heart of the arts «Faena» Fedor carousel opened performance «(devoted to shame), which he associates prepared the last few years. Well and then went to the worst: «Centrifuge» Julius von Bismarck on Art Basel, «Goldberg» by Marina Abramovic and Igor Levita in «the Park Avenue Armory in New York City, and there’s worse to come: Fedor is working on a new» Carousel «(opens in Vienna» Kûnstlerhause «in May next year) and on Train performance» at times square in New York. All these were signs and swivel rotation-not only because of the heap of enthusiastic press around the world-but because, finally, the time has come to tell about the magic ring design performance, which was subordinate to the work of recent years. Come learn about this from the Fedor, until he spun around completely

9 December: master class by VLADIMIR NIKITIN «perception and EXPERIENCE PERFORMANCE»

Vladimir Nikitin, doctor of philosophical Sciences, candidate of psychological Sciences, Professor, head of Chair of philosophical anthropology and art therapy
Moscow socio-pedagogical Institute, actor and Director of the theatre movement «Postmoving» (Sofia), certified art therapist (gitis, Moscow, 2000; Academy of Arts, Bratislava, 2004).
The Chairman of the East-European Association of art therapy (EEATA, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Author of 10 monographs on the methodology and practice of art and voice therapy, art movements, dramaterapii and performance